I. Childhood

1- Recall your favorite birthday as a child.
When were you born? How old are you? Did you celebrate your birthday when you were young? Can you recall what your favouite birthday was?
2- Describe your favorite birthday. When was it? Where did it happen? Who were you with? Why is it special to you?
3- Compare the difference between the way you were raised and a child of now.What are the main differences between the way you were brought up and the way you brought up your children and how you see your grandchildren being brought up?
4- Evaluate your success as on adult based on your upbringing.

II. Food

1- List your favorite foods.
2- Discuss the types of food eaten when you were a child and the types of food eaten today.
3- Relate your favorite story involving food.
4- Judge the importance of food in your life.

III. Utilities

1- Name any utilities (electricity, heat, telephone, water, etc) that were not readily available to your family when you were a child.
2- Identify the utility that is most important to you.
3- Predict what your childhood would have been like if you had modern utilities.
4- Choose the one utility you couldn't live without and explain why.

IV. Housing
1-List the houses you lived in as a child.
2- Describe your favorite room in anyone of the houses you grew up in.
3-Distinguish the difference between home you lived as a child and homes you lived as an adult.
4-Design the ideal house for a child.

V. School

1-Recall your favorite teacher.
2-Discuss the importance of education in your life.
3-Examine the changes in education in your lifetime.
4-Plann a course of education that would best direct a person in your career field.

VI. Clothing
1-Recall your favorite fashion.
2- Explain the changes in fashion that have taken place during your lifetime.
3-Interpret how this changes affected the youths of the time.
4- Distinguish the differences between clothes wore at work and at leisure time activities.

VII. Holiday

1-Name your favorite holiday.
2-Explain the signification of these holiday.
3- 3- Compare how the observation of a holiday has changed in your lifetime.
4- 4- Evaluate a holiday that you believe should not be celebrated and explain.

VIII. General Information

1-Plan your ideal future.
2- Describe the most memorable moment on your life.
3-State your point of view on society today.
4-Appraise your contributions to society and explain.

IX. Invention

1-Choose the invention you find most valuable to mankind and explain why
2-Propose what life would be like without this invention
3-Examine life before this invention

X.Sport, games and entertainment

1-Name your favorite sport
2- Interpret why this is your favorite sport
3-Analyse how money has changed the athletics of today
4-Appraise the significance sports has in your culture.

XI. Medical care

1-Recall illness that you has as a child, which could easily be cured, with modern medicine
2-Identify the most important medical breakthrough
3-Relate an experience you have had requiring medical care
4-Compare the differences between the types of illness that occur today and those of twenty years ago

XII. Work

1-Recall your first jobs.
2-Describe which jobs that lead you to your present career.
3-Analyze the importance of work to your mental well being.
4-Set up the ideal working condition.


1-List the war you remember that occurred in your lifetime.
2-Tell which war acussed you the greatest sense of loss.
3-Examine how these wars could have been avoided.
4-Predict the next world war and hypothesis the reasons